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Natalie in the City - A Chicago Plus Size Fashion Blog, by Natalie Craig


April 25, 2013

April 23, 2013


We all love leggings! I mean, what's to hate? They are comfortable, versatile, and light weight. What if I told you that just because it's starting to get hot outside doesn't mean you have to ditch your leggings for the summer? Cut up your leggings this season and show some skin while staying comfortable! 

Materials Needed:
  • Leggings (any color, fabric or pattern)
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler
  • Chalk or Graphite (optional)


April 16, 2013

The Best of Online Shopping

So many people shop online in class, on break, at work, for fun and just because we can! It's great to know that you can shop at any time, anywhere while being able to explore clothing that you can't in a small town or places that aren't fashion savvy. Here are a list of my favorite places to shop online!

Shop it to Me

Love designers but hate the price tag? I'm sorry honey but I need to shop it to ya!
Shop it to Me offers every designer you could think of with the price tag cut in half, and sometimes even more!

Shop Style  & ASOS

I'm looking for a high-low, black chiffon blouse with a gold embellished collar. Sound like you? Well then Shop Style is the place to go. Type in exactly what you are looking for in the search bar and watch the results pile up! Or if you are in the mood to indulge in a certain trend ASOS has you covered. Go on, and get your way!

Nasty Gal

If you are stuck in a non fashion friendly location and you don't have the power of diverse retail at your finger tips check out Nasty Gal. This site offers unique and cutting edge pieces that can kick any outfit up a notch. 

April 15, 2013

Must Try of the Week: PlumHill

PlumHill Pure Body Essentials
I'm very picky when it comes to the products that I put on my skin. PlumHill pure body essentials offer natural sugar scrubs, cremes, oils, and the amazing Tamanu Oil.

My PlumHill beauty routine: After exfoliating my body with the sugar scrub I moisturize with the Body Creme. This dynamic duo pairs wonderfully together to brighten and smooth even the roughest parts of my skin. The Sugar Scrub is natural, addictive and gentle enough to be used on my face too! After cleansing my face with the scrub I apply the Tamanu Oil which rebuilds skin tissue and leaves my face feeling so smooth and clean.

Show your body some love and get your skin ready for summer with this amazing line of beauty care products! Check out PlumHill at the I Will Journey Women's Show May 11 in Boise!


April 10, 2013

What to Wear With a Maxi

Maxi skirts are back just in time for spring and yes they will stay through summer! They are so versatile and come in many different colors, textures, styles and patterns. One problem: WHAT TOP DO I WEAR?! 

Here are a couple of quick tips:

  • If you have the tummy for it: crop tops are perfect for the maxi and even if you don't try a high-waist maxi with a crop top.
  • Throw a destroyed denim vest over any tank or crop top.
  • If the maxi is multicolored, patterned or ombre pick one color to match with the top.
  • If the maxi is a busy color or pattern, keep the top simple.
  • If the maxi is basic add a busy top or denim vest for an edge.
  • Slouchy and fitted sweaters can look great with a maxi for chilly days.


ombre maxi


hi-lo maxi


striped maxi

Wild Card 

wild card

This post was brought to you by a reader suggestion! Thank you Michaela!

ombre maxi by sweetsnobsociety featuring knit topsRiver Island crop tee, $23 / Forever 21 knit top / H&M crop tank, $20 / Crop tank top, $15 / Coco's Fortune ankle length skirt, $84 / Coco's Fortune ankle length skirt, $43 / VILA floor length skirt, $56 / Topshop maxi skirt, $49
striped maxi by sweetsnobsociety featuring a denim vestIllustrated People , $46 / Dorothy Perkins crop tank / VILA loose tank top, $19 / Warehouse cotton tank top, $9.18 / Vest / H&M denim vest, $31 / Cut25 striped skirt, $120 / Dorothy Perkins striped maxi skirt / Jane Norman striped maxi skirt, $31 / Striped skirt, $21
wild card by sweetsnobsociety featuring asymmetrical topsWeekend Max Mara , $185 / Forever Unique wrap top, $110 / Mango sheer shirt / Oasis asymmetrical top, $15 / Chanel skirt, $910 / Joveeba long cotton skirt, $205 / O'Neill pleated maxi skirt / Long skirt, $12


April 6, 2013

Black & Gold

I found this really cool top coat by L'Oreal that will take any nailpolish from glossy to matte in seconds. L'Oreal has the coolest line of nail polish out right now in every color you could imagine. My pinkies and thumbs are painted "Copper Penny," also by L'Oreal. Loved the shiny gold next to matte black! 

L'Oreal: Copper Penny 
L'Oreal: Matte Top Coat
Sinful Colors: Black on Black


April 1, 2013

This One Is For The Boys

Ladies are known for strutting the latest trends around, and the guys get the worst reputation for not giving a damn. Some guys say they don’t care about fashion and some don’t know where to turn for advice.

Well gentlemen, this one is for you and there is so much more to come!

The sun is out and it’s time to put away your bulky coats and worn out jeans. Don’t just throw on a T-shirt and pair of shorts this spring, put some thought into your style and embrace these trends!

Baseball Bomber Jackets
While it’s been looking pretty sunny lately, there are always showers in spring’s forecast. Baseball bomber jackets are the perfect jacket to throw on in a hurry when it the weather is chilly. It can also turn a jeans and T-shirt look into a masculine masterpiece. If you aren’t the bomber type, luckily for you a washed out denim jacket will still do the trick!

Baseball Bomber!

Bare Your Ankles
Sandals are an easy go-to shoe, however most guys don’t like to wear them and lets face it, a lot of you don't indulge in foot care. Since your feet have been bundled up in boots and warm shoes for the winter, bare your ankles this spring! Try sneakers with low cut socks. Don't worry, it's not feminine! This trend will give you a laid back and ready for summer look. 
Spring shoes for boys!

Ladies will be sporting neon flashes of color this spring but for the guys it’s all about pastels. From button-ups to shorts, pastel and washed out colors are this season’s must have.
mens pastels

Suit Up
You walk into your favorite bar and everyone stops dead in their tracks just to look at you. This season you can make it happen in suit attire. Suits aren’t only for your office job this spring, be a showstopper and impress those around you with a professional and masculine look. Indulge in this trend by suiting up or pairing a blazer with jeans.

Suit Up!

Which brings me to my next trend, the blazer! You can’t go wrong when topping off an outfit with a blazer. Take a V-neck, a pair of jeans and add some class with a blazer. Simple as that!

This one is for my grungy boys out there. Camouflage is in and it’s about to give any outfit an edgy look. Try it on cargo pants, shorts or a military style jacket.

Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to get snobby! Stay tuned for accessory and business attire trend posts!

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