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Natalie in the City - A Chicago Plus Size Fashion Blog, by Natalie Craig


March 31, 2014


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My spring break away from the freezing cold of Chicago, and what seemed like endless days of school and work, was a success. I spent the past week in Boise, Idaho with my family, friends, and my cat. It was consistently warm in Boise so it was nice to shed the fifty layers of clothing I need to survive a Chicago winter that doesn't want to admit it is spring time.

 Boise was great to me with temperatures above 60 degrees all week, which meant I could pretty much wear whatever I wanted. Maxi dresses and light cardigans, don't pinch me... I'm not done dreaming!

I'm so happy to be home, even though when I stepped off the plane in Chicago it was a chilly 32 degrees. I missed you too Chi Town. Yesterday the temperature was up to 66 degrees, and the sun was out for a brief period of time. Now as I look out my window I see rain showering the city as lightning strikes in the distance. 

Rain, sleet, snow, or shine.. (lets wish for no more snow) I can't wait to bring more spring inspired outfits to the blog. Click "Read More" below and scroll down for more pictures from my trip and pictures of my cat... because everyone loves cat pictures.


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