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Natalie in the City - A Chicago Petite Plus Size Fashion Blog, by Natalie Craig



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Hey, I'm Natalie Craig, but you can call me Nat, Natalie in the City, or Natalie in the gym, park, beach, country or any other descriptive that includes my present location—just like my friends do. 

I found my love for fashion sometime between Kindergarten and 5th grade because of a pair of jeans with writing on them. My dad didn't want me to leave the house wearing the edgy jeans, but my mom thought they were cute. She would often suggest that I pair the pants with my metallic, purple Spice Girls jacket and bright pink Dr. Marten boots before I left for school. You could definitely say I was pushing fashion boundaries for an 8-year-old kid.

Although I loved fashion at an early age, I realized that the media and the fashion industry did not love me back. I grew up receiving harsh criticism for my full-figured shape, and the thin standards of the fashion world made it difficult for me to embrace the trends that I loved. 

I quickly learned how hard it was for a plus size, curvy woman to—literally and figuratively—fit into fashion. Naturally, my body evolved constantly during my teenage and young adult years, but always remained bigger than most of the bodies I was used to seeing in my sports teams or friend groups. With each change, I studied my body and the trends that would highlight my curves instead of mask them. Although I've always felt like a fashion industry outsider, I've conditioned myself to try anything when it comes to clothing trends, while pushing the societal and self-imposed boundaries on what fat women should and shouldn't wear. Because let's be honest: You can wear whatever the fuck you want, hunny!  

These endeavors inspired me to create this blog. 

Natalie in the City is by far my proudest accomplishment, and I really enjoy interacting with my fabulous readers, sharing style advice, and showing everyone that you can be beautiful and confident at any shape or size.

I currently live in Chicago where I balance the life of a journalist, editor, and a fashion blogger. I'm a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where I studied magazine journalism.

Thanks for joining me on my adventures in plus size fashion, city life, and being a "fashionista." Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, suggestions, or just because! You can write to me at natinthecity@gmail.com. 

View my professional work here: www.NatalieDCraig.com

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Natalie's sizing
Since many readers have a similar body shape as mine, I get a lot of emails and comments asking me what sizes I am wearing in the clothes photographed and shared on this blog. You can always find sizing information and fit details specific to each outfit in my blog posts. My usual sizes and measurements are also noted below!
Pants / skirt / dress: 16-18
Tops: 2 XL / 16-18
Shoes: 8 1/2 - 9 wide
Height: 5 ft. 2 in. (77 in.)

Bust: 50 in.
Chest: 46 1/2 in.
Hips: 55 in.
Thigh: 28 1/2 in.
Inseam: 26 in.
Arm: 23 in.

Rorie Raimondi, I am rorie, Columbia college chicago alumni, fashion photographer, blogger, natalie craig, natalie in the city Rorie Raimondi
    Rorie Raimondi is a Chicagoland native, spending
    half her time growing up in a dance studio and the
    other half in a photography studio. She discovered
    her love for photography through her dance
    education, intrigued by the shapes and lines the
    human body can create. Many of her fine art
    photography focuses on these elements. Rorie also
    maintains a health and lifestyle blog,
    www.iamrorie.com, sharing plant based recipes
    and motivational experiences.  Her love for plant
    based food derives from her Italian heritage and
    family oriented upbringing, in combination with
    her passion for healthy lifestyles. In her free time
    she explores Chicago neighborhoods, traveling
    from coast to coast, or watching scary movies.
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