Hi, I'm Natalie...
I am 5'2 and a size 18, which means I am petite AND plus size. Those two sizing terms might seem like polar opposites, but full figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes—one of those being short! I'm here to share my petite plus style tips with you and to show the world that short, plus size women belong in fashion!
But that's the short and sweet version...learn more here:


| Tank top: Old Navy | Necklace: Forever 21 | Skirt: H&M | Wedges: Forever 21 | Bangle: Swarovski | Bracelet: Urban Outfitters | Purse: Michael Kors |


We all love leggings! I mean, what's to hate? They are comfortable, versatile, and light weight. What if I told you that just because it's starting to get hot outside doesn't mean you have to ditch your leggings for the summer? Cut up your leggings this season and show some skin while staying comfortable! 

Materials Needed:
  • Leggings (any color, fabric or pattern)
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler
  • Chalk or Graphite (optional)

The Best of Online Shopping

So many people shop online in class, on break, at work, for fun and just because we can! It's great to know that you can shop at any time, anywhere while being able to explore clothing that you can't in a small town or places that aren't fashion savvy. Here are a list of my favorite places to shop online!

Shop it to Me

Love designers but hate the price tag? I'm sorry honey but I need to shop it to ya!
Shop it to Me offers every designer you could think of with the price tag cut in half, and sometimes even more!

Shop Style  & ASOS

I'm looking for a high-low, black chiffon blouse with a gold embellished collar. Sound like you? Well then Shop Style is the place to go. Type in exactly what you are looking for in the search bar and watch the results pile up! Or if you are in the mood to indulge in a certain trend ASOS has you covered. Go on, and get your way!

Nasty Gal

If you are stuck in a non fashion friendly location and you don't have the power of diverse retail at your finger tips check out Nasty Gal. This site offers unique and cutting edge pieces that can kick any outfit up a notch. 

Must Try of the Week: PlumHill

PlumHill Pure Body Essentials I'm very picky when it comes to the products that I put on my skin. PlumHill pure body essentials offer natural sugar scrubs, cremes, oils, and the amazing Tamanu Oil.

My PlumHill beauty routine: After exfoliating my body with the sugar scrub I moisturize with the Bo…

What to Wear With a Maxi

Maxi skirts are back just in time for spring and yes they will stay through summer! They are so versatile and come in many different colors, textures, styles and patterns. One problem: WHAT TOP DO I WEAR?! 

Here are a couple of quick tips:
If you have the tummy for it: crop tops are perfect for the …

Black & Gold

I found this really cool top coat by L'Oreal that will take any nailpolish from glossy to matte in seconds. L'Oreal has the coolest line of nail polish out right now in every color you could imagine. My pinkies and thumbs are painted "Copper Penny," also by L'Oreal. Loved the…