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Natalie in the City - A Chicago Petite Plus Size Fashion Blog, by Natalie Craig


April 1, 2013

This One Is For The Boys

Ladies are known for strutting the latest trends around, and the guys get the worst reputation for not giving a damn. Some guys say they don’t care about fashion and some don’t know where to turn for advice.

Well gentlemen, this one is for you and there is so much more to come!

The sun is out and it’s time to put away your bulky coats and worn out jeans. Don’t just throw on a T-shirt and pair of shorts this spring, put some thought into your style and embrace these trends!

Baseball Bomber Jackets
While it’s been looking pretty sunny lately, there are always showers in spring’s forecast. Baseball bomber jackets are the perfect jacket to throw on in a hurry when it the weather is chilly. It can also turn a jeans and T-shirt look into a masculine masterpiece. If you aren’t the bomber type, luckily for you a washed out denim jacket will still do the trick!

Baseball Bomber!

Bare Your Ankles
Sandals are an easy go-to shoe, however most guys don’t like to wear them and lets face it, a lot of you don't indulge in foot care. Since your feet have been bundled up in boots and warm shoes for the winter, bare your ankles this spring! Try sneakers with low cut socks. Don't worry, it's not feminine! This trend will give you a laid back and ready for summer look. 
Spring shoes for boys!

Ladies will be sporting neon flashes of color this spring but for the guys it’s all about pastels. From button-ups to shorts, pastel and washed out colors are this season’s must have.
mens pastels

Suit Up
You walk into your favorite bar and everyone stops dead in their tracks just to look at you. This season you can make it happen in suit attire. Suits aren’t only for your office job this spring, be a showstopper and impress those around you with a professional and masculine look. Indulge in this trend by suiting up or pairing a blazer with jeans.

Suit Up!

Which brings me to my next trend, the blazer! You can’t go wrong when topping off an outfit with a blazer. Take a V-neck, a pair of jeans and add some class with a blazer. Simple as that!

This one is for my grungy boys out there. Camouflage is in and it’s about to give any outfit an edgy look. Try it on cargo pants, shorts or a military style jacket.

Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to get snobby! Stay tuned for accessory and business attire trend posts!


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