Hi, I'm Natalie...
I am 5'2 and a size 18, which means I am petite AND plus size. Those two sizing terms might seem like polar opposites, but full figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes—one of those being short! I'm here to share my petite plus style tips with you and to show the world that short, plus size women belong in fashion!
But that's the short and sweet version...learn more here:


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Step aside Santa Claus, I found someone who has better presents. 
What are you getting your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, sister, brother, and friends for Christmas?
Times are tough, we're broke college kids, I have bills, rent is due.. I get it, there are a million and one reasons why you don't want to spend every last penny you have on Christmas presents. It doesn't mean that you don't want to make the people in your life feel special this holiday season, it just means you have to get crafty.