Hi, I'm Natalie...
I am 5'2 and a size 18, which means I am petite AND plus size. Those two sizing terms might seem like polar opposites, but full figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes—one of those being short! I'm here to share my petite plus style tips with you and to show the world that short, plus size women belong in fashion!
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Do you ever see a faux fur coat or vest while shopping and think you have to have it? Well, I know I do, but when I throw on the accessory, it never really turns out the way I expected.

I saw a similar faux fur vest like the one I'm wearing on another blogger a couple weeks ago. That's whe…


Remember my post back in October where I mentioned just how I found the perfect pair of cat eye-wayfarer sunglasses? Well, now, I would like to give you the chance to win a pair for yourself!

I'm teaming up with Firmoo.com to give a lucky ready a pair of new eyeglasses or sunglasses from Firmo…


I usually shy away from longer dresses and skirts because I'm only five feet tall and rarely wear heels to compensate. However, I decided to push my "self-made" boundaries out of the way for this burgundy cardigan. The slits on the cardigan break up the silhouette, allowing my pleate…


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Disclaimer: This is a freakin' long post, sorry. But so many amazing things are happening. If you want to skip through my life update, scroll down to the bottom. I sort of buried some exciting news down there!

If you follow me on Instagram, You may have noticed that my feed has been boasting beaches and palm trees for the past couple of days. So let me explain: Right now, I am flying back to Chicago from a business trip I had this week in St. Petersburg, Florida.

After walking down Beach Drive in St. Petersburg last night, I had to stop by a local cafe to get some gelato—it was the talk of the town—and reflect on the past couple of days. I sat on the edge of a fountain in a dimly lit garden and began to think about how I could have never imagined being in Florida, learning about an entirely new industry to me, and meeting my coworkers over open bars, virtual realities, panel discussions, and close call collisions with drones flying around the Vinoy Renaissance's Grand Ballroom. This will all make sense as I tell you more about the company I'll be working with below, don't worry!

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This trip was probably the most unexpected thing to happen to me this month other than landing a new job with a media group here in Chicago. Monday was my first day at the company, and instead of hopping on the 146 bus around 8:30 a.m. to the River North office, I got in a cab to O'Hare International Airport and onto a flight to Atlanta, connecting to a second flight to Tampa. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I walked into a room full of hundreds of people—whom I assume had their first day in the industry years and years ago.


Whether or not you have realized it, being plus size comes with rules. Have you ever heard, "Don't wear horizontal stripes?" or "Only wear a crop top if your stomach is flat?" Yeah, it's starting to sound like a broken record. While I usually follow the rules in my day-…