Hi, I'm Natalie...
I am 5'2 and a size 18, which means I am petite AND plus size. Those two sizing terms might seem like polar opposites, but full figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes—one of those being short! I'm here to share my petite plus style tips with you and to show the world that short, plus size women belong in fashion!
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Did anyone else hang up their winter coat over Christmas weekend to enjoy sunny skies and a warm(ish) Chicago day? As soon as I saw the forecast, which was above 56°, I committed to taking full advantage of the warm temps. What a true Christmas miracle!
I just got these thigh high wide calf boots


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There are so many ways that you are putting your skin's health at risk without even knowing it. And to be honest, I am guilty of committing every single one of these skin sabotages. Check out these eight things that you have no idea you're doing wrong, so you can improve your skin's health and enhance your radiant glow.

Skipping meals: When you skip a meal, you deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to store energy. This can affect skin by making it look tough, tired, droopy, and even dry.

Too many showers: Soap, hot water, and too much exfoliation can dry out skin and strip it of its essential oils, causing the skin to wrinkle, crack, and dry out. A common misconception is that the more you wash your face, the less likely you are to breakout, but this is simply not true. Giving your skin a chance to develop its natural oils is key for great, healthy skin. 

Caffeine: Your daily cup of coffee could also be drying out your skin and making you more prone to wrinkles. This doesn't mean that you should quit coffee immediately. Just make sure that you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day to balance your coffee intake. 


Recently, I have been trying to push the boundaries on the trends, styles, and garments that I wear—hence my last outfit featuring a piece of lingerie. I keep a mental checklist of which jeans flatter my figure best, the kinds of blouses that I should stay away from, and the shoes I feel most comf…


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Since you are most likely sitting at your desk right now, let's go through a little checklist to see if you have what it takes to make some power moves—in beauty, that is. When I look my best, I feel my best. Have you ever had a bra strap pop off or a pimple unexpectedly show up right before an important meeting or presentation? Ugh, I have. Which is why every #GirlBoss prepares for beauty mishaps by keeping these must-have beauty products at their desk.

Every boss lady keeps some sort of fragrance or lotion desk-side. However, spraying perfume can sometimes cause your coworkers irritation, which is why a solid perfume compact or roll on perfume, is the perfect, yet subtle, fragrance pick me up. Dab a little on your wrists or neck when you need a refresher, without your fragrance traveling through the entire office.

Have you ever looked down at your nails just before meeting a client, source, or your boss and noticed that your polish is chipped? Most people won't notice, but you would right? Keep unscented nail prep and remover pads in your desk drawer to freshen up your mani at a moments notice.


Ever since Khloe Kardashian stepped out in a lace bodysuit and a pair of jeans for her Good American launch in October, I have wanted to recreate the look. I've seen more women sport a lace body suit or lingerie piece with a pair of jeans or leggings, which I think is a pretty cool trend. But …


This may come as a surprise to most of my readers—as it was once a surprise to me—but a lot of my readers are men. Whenever I meet plus size men who are familiar with my blog, they always ask why I don't talk about men's plus size fashion, and I don't really have an answer for them. I have always put the topic to the side and labeled it as "someday," but I think now is a great time for me to start catering toward my male readers—especially with this exciting news.

ASOS, an online British fashion and beauty retailer, has launched a men's plus size line. The ASOS expansion includes T–shirts, jeans, sweats, button-up shirts, and sweaters ranging in sizes (UK) XL-XXXXL. The line also covers a wide range of styles and tastes. Get a first look at some of the pieces below!

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ASOS PLUS Regular Fit Western Checkered Shirt
ASOS MEN plus, ASOS plus, ASOS debuts men's plus size line, men's plus size clothing, vanity sizing, natalie craig, plus size blogger, natalie in the city, chicago, men's style
ASOS PLUS Jersey Bomber Jacket in black

ASOS launched it's women's plus size section "Curve" in January 2010. In 2014, ASOS saw a 132% increase in new product arrivals compared to 2013, and the line remains to be widely popular in the plus size community.


We just got our first snow fall here in Chicago, which is probably why I am scrolling through some of the outfit photos I took while on vacation in Orlando, Florida last week and wishing I could go back to warmer weather.
I wore this twist cocktail dress from Kiyonna, a women's plus size bouti…


I have never watched a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and I'm not going to start this year.

Victoria's Secret just wrapped the filming of its annual fashion show, and social media channels have been flooded with leaked images and behind the scenes footage. On Dec. 5, more than 10 milli…