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Since you are most likely sitting at your desk right now, let's go through a little checklist to see if you have what it takes to make some power moves—in beauty, that is. When I look my best, I feel my best. Have you ever had a bra strap pop off or a pimple unexpectedly show up right before an important meeting or presentation? Ugh, I have. Which is why every #GirlBoss prepares for beauty mishaps by keeping these must-have beauty products at their desk.

Every boss lady keeps some sort of fragrance or lotion desk-side. However, spraying perfume can sometimes cause your coworkers irritation, which is why a solid perfume compact or roll on perfume, is the perfect, yet subtle, fragrance pick me up. Dab a little on your wrists or neck when you need a refresher, without your fragrance traveling through the entire office.

Have you ever looked down at your nails just before meeting a client, source, or your boss and noticed that your polish is chipped? Most people won't notice, but you would right? Keep unscented nail prep and remover pads in your desk drawer to freshen up your mani at a moments notice.

Keeping a concealer or oil-free foundation that you know matches your skin tone at your desk is smart in case a blemish pops up, or you have a mid-day makeup malfunction. I have made a couple of mad dashes to a drug store during work in hopes of finding something to conceal a pimple or dark circles. But I often times spend $15 on a concealer that doesn't exactly match my skin tone and makes problems worse. Find something you love, and keep it in your desk drawer.
Every girl boss should also keep two lip beauty products at their desk at all times: lip balm and a bold lipstick. If you need an afternoon pick me up, turn to a bright lip shade to liven up your look and put a little extra pep in your step.

A boss lady never knows when a stray chin hair or rogue fingernail may throw a wrench into her day. But keeping a mini nail rescue kit and tweezers will avert any crisis. Back in action, just like that.

If you are reading this: It's not too late. Be sure to pick up these coveted products to unleash your inner #GirlBoss.