Hi, I'm Natalie...
I am 5'2 and a size 18, which means I am petite AND plus size. Those two sizing terms might seem like polar opposites, but full figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes—one of those being short! I'm here to share my petite plus style tips with you and to show the world that short, plus size women belong in fashion!
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Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger and model Natalie Craig, of Natalie in the City, joins Dia & Co. in their  #WhatISeeInHer campaign.

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger and model Natalie Craig, of Natalie in the City, joins Dia & Co. in their  #WhatISeeInHer campaign.

First thing is first: I got this outfit from Dia & Co., my all-time favorite subscription styling service—especially created for plus size women. If you want a cute circle houndstooth skirt like this one, sign up for your very own Dia & Co. box and request it! You can drop the link to this blog post in the notes section after you schedule your box, and if it's in stock, Dia & Co. will make sure they get it to you!

Now, you know I usually don't rush through the outfit, but I have a more important message to talk to you all about today....

I'm sure you are well aware that Valentine's Day is right around the corner—literally tomorrow. And while this year I will be spending it low-key with my boyfriend, I still think the holiday is bogus. It's just another day created to get us to buy a bunch of stuff for people we love, when really, we should be showing them we love and appreciate them every day. Valentine's Day also puts a lot of pressure on individuals to have a valentine, and for those who spend the holiday solo, the build up to the day—and the day itself—may seem a little more lonely.

Well, I'm here to tell you that Valentine's Day really doesn't matter, but if you feel yourself getting down about your situation or you are feeling gloomy among all the hearts and happy couples, you can reclaim V-Day, and make it a celebration of yourself.

Dia & Co. has inspired me to change my perspective on Valentine's Day. And with their help, I hope I can do the same for you. Instead of focusing on significant others, dates, gifts, and societal pressures, what if we viewed Valentine's Day as a moment to celebrate ourselves or the women around us? I think back to the times when I spent Valentine's Day alone, and honestly, I had the best time. I indulged in my favorite things and self care, which made me feel loved and special.....and I didn't need anyone but myself to show that to me. So while I have a Valentine this year, I am still making myself my own Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW). It's important to remind yourself of the person who always has your back...YOU....and maybe your friends.

Dia & Co. is encouraging its community to show a little love to the inspirational women in their life—even if that means me, myself, and I—by posting a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #WhatISeeInHer in the caption. From celebs to grandmothers to gal pals and even fictional characters, Dia & Co. has seen its community jump at the chance to shine a little light on their favorite women.

Now, it's your turn! Dia & Co. and I would love to hear about an amazing woman in your life and exactly what it is you see in her. Or, if you need some TLC—like me—show us why you are your own #WCW. Post a photo of her with the hashtag #WhatISeeInHer on Instagram. Because today is Galentine's Day, it's the perfect time to show that woman you love just how much she means to you.

Learn more about Dia & Co.  #WhatISeeInHer campaign, and see some of my favorite power chicks in the plus community!

Also, as a little Valentine's Day Gift to you, I am giving away $50 to Dia & Co. on Instagram! Check out this post, and learn how to enter: ENTER MY INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!
Photography by: Rorie Raimondi

Chicago Plus Size Petite Fashion Blogger and model Natalie Craig, of Natalie in the City, joins Dia & Co. in their  #WhatISeeInHer campaign.